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I placed an order! When do I get it?

Our vendors will ship out your order approximately 2-3 days after order is placed!

I want to talk to a vendor about a specific, custom order. 

Feel free to email the shop manager, Stephanie, at to be put in touch with a specific artist. If you're savvy, you can also head to the "Your Vendors" page and reach out to a specific person through their website, etsy shop, or blog!

Where are all these people from?

The majority of our shop vendors are from Charlottesville, Virginia, the greatest place on earth. A few are from Northern Virginia (Chantilly and Middleburg, to be exact).

I'm international. Will you still ship to me?

Yes! All our vendors have the ability to ship internationally. Shipping prices will be the same as in the States-- our holiday gift to you!

Why isn't my work included in this shop?

Are you a small business owner, artist, or maker? Happy to meet you! La Tienda is premiering its first pop-up shop and chose a small group of local vendors to showcase. If you're interested in joining in, please email

What is The Fête Blog?

Fête is a wedding & lifestyle inspiration blog based in Charlottesville, reaching readers throughout the country. Wedding inspiration, fitness, self-love, relationships, interiors, fashion, design-- it's all here. Fête believes life should be lived with simplicity, enthusiasm, and romance. Each vendor featured in La Tienda is a certified friend of Fête!